Are you a mom or teacher who constantly feels tired and overwhelmed? Do you feel like you are always rushing around and no matter how hard you try, things just don’t seem to be bringing you joy? 

Do you wish that you could just get a piece of yourself back and live the life you love?  Well you are in the right place my dear friend!

Here, you will find tons of actionable content that can help you to cope as a mom, reignite your fire for teaching, or help you start your own online business – so that you can have more financial freedom, more time flexibility, make an impact in the world and still feel like a stay-at-home mom!

Even before my daughter was born, I used to struggle with overwhelm and burnout.  My anxious personality and perfectionism, has led me down many a road to Major Depression.  Every time I reached this point – I gave up.  I gave up on my studies.  I gave up on my career or job.  I  would always leave one and move to another, in the hopes that things would be better somewhere else.  But the problem wasn’t the job or the workload.  It was me.  I often gave up on my husband – bless his soul for staying with me through these dark times – and it has been tempting to give up on being a parent too.

But!  Here I am, a wife, a mother and a teacher who is loving life.  I have worked through my anxiety, I have learned from my silly emotional mistakes and best of all, I have found my joy!  My joy is here.  Online, reaching thousands of moms and teachers who get me.  Who get my story, because they feel the same way as I did years ago. 

Amongst the chaos of life, I have managed to launch my own online business in a few short months.  I now run a successful online education-based business, and no longer do I miss out on my daughter growing up.  No longer do I eat to get through my seemingly horrible day.  No longer do I have to work hard for no reward.  

If anything that I have said here resonates with you, please join me on my journey.  I would love to help you regain control of your life and to live one that brings you joy!  You can search through my posts to find the content that will help you today, or you can subscribe to my email list where you will receive amazing resources, tips and tricks tailored to your specific needs.

Much love,