Hey there!

I’m Kirsten Gower, a former high-school teacher and have just made the shift from being a burnt out employee, to running my own thriving online business.  This gives me freedom from anxiety and stress and I get to stay home with my daughter and never miss a part of her life again.

I believe if we can look at how we are on the inside and identify the beliefs that are keeping us constrained, we can change the way that we experience life on the outside.

“It's time to live the life you truly deserve.”

It's time to change your mindset and change your life. Instead of just getting through life, why don't you start doing life? I am here to help you design the life that you yearn for deep down inside.
Kirsten Gower

Moms online making money

If you have ever thought about starting your own business so that you can enjoy freedom from the constraints of time and money – start here.

MOMM is Kirsten’s flagship program, created specifically for women.  Make a change in your life and break free from the beliefs that are holding you back from creating your own thriving online business and brand.

Not just your average teacher

Are you a teacher who loves to have all the latest resources and classroom decor but just don’t have the time or energy to create them yourself?

You can find stunning resources here to help you stay ahead of the curve, maintain classroom organization and use resources that engage students at their highest level.

Graphic Design for non-creatives

Do you need to create stunning designs such as branding, images, PDF downloads, fonts or teaching resources, but don’t have much creative flair or tech skills?

Kirsten teaches the not-so-artsy person to use different design tools and platforms to create professional digital media without all the tech-frustration and overwhelm.