JUST A GIRL Lightroom Mobile Preset Pack





The JUST A GIRL Preset Pack includes 6 color presets to make your selfies and lifestyle photo’s pop with vibrancy and show the real beautiful you!

I used to cringe every time I looked at my social media feeds – especially my Instagram grid!  There was just no coherent look or feel.  The pictures looked so amateur and unpolished.  Then I learned how to edit my photo’s in Adobe Lightroom.  It was such a game changer!  And the best thing about it… one you have the preset in your mobile app (Lightroom Mobile – Free by the way!), it’s literally one tap and your photo’s look like someone spent hours editing them!  While all presets won’t work for every photo, you can almost always find at least one or two that look amazing on that picture you are trying to edit even if you need to make a few tweaks after!

What is a preset? A preset is a template for specific editing applied in one click.  If you are on the fence about using presets because you don’t like how people are “all airbrushed and don’t look like this in real life” – remember that Lightroom doesn’t “Photoshop” or airbrush you into someone who you are not.  Lightroom just enhances the natural colors, light and tones of your already beautiful self!  These mobile presets are created to be used in an app called Lightroom. They provide an easy one click editing experience. When you purchase these presets you will also receive an installation and how to edit guide. This PDF includes step by step directions as well as how to add your presets and start using them right away.

Things to know before purchasing:

  • WOT Presets are meant to be used with the Lightroom CC Mobile App. Before purchasing, please make sure your phone is compatible with Lightroom.
  • There are two ways that you can download and access your purchased presets.  Either you 1. Download the files on a computer so that you are able to unzip the files. You will either be able to download from your purchase page or an email sent to your inbox; OR 2. Download a very handy app called “Unzip” which will unzip the files for you right away on your phone and you can import them straight away into the Lighroom Mobile App.  Sounds difficult – but I swear it’s not.  Plus you will receive a step by step how to guide to help you!
  • Only 1 user download per order. Due to the resource type no refund or cancellation can be issued. 

Copyright KIRSTEN GOWER & WILD ON TEACHING, 2019: All images, designs, and text are copyrighted and cannot be copied, altered, or resold. All purchases are for personal use only.

You may:

  • Use your edited photos in pictures used to sell resources you have.

You may not:

  • Sell the presets or use the presets to sell a photograph of any kind. 

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