Opportunistic Exercising for Teacher-Moms

 Do you constantly feel overwhelmed, tired and seriously guilty that you just can’t get a training session in every week?  Don’t worry sister!  I’ve been there!  Let’s be honest.  There’s just no time or physical and mental energy left for you to do anything but get through the front door after a day of hustling and getting the kids to school and back in one piece!  So why not change your idea of exercising from “when” to “if”.  Sound crazy?  Read on my dear friend!

Since becoming a teacher and, especially, a mom, my drive and desire to exercise has gone completely out the window!  Having to juggle a full-time job and try to be a present and involved parent, leaves me with zero energy and very little time to do anything self-care related – and I am sure that almost all moms feel this way at least some of the time.

In the past I would spend extensive “free” time searching for ways that I could better manage my time and make exercising a possibility.  I would get up early in the morning when my baby was sleeping, get two minutes into a sweat and she would start crying.  Urgh! It was an absolute waste of mental effort. 

But now?  I have come up with a way to improve my daily mood and energy level, to get my heart rate up and ditch the guilt!  I call it… Opportunistic exercising!!!  So what on Earth am I on about?  Let me lay it out for you.

Looking for opportunities

Constantly look for opportunities to exercise.  If your daughter is building a jig-saw puzzle but wants you to sit right beside her – no problem!  Do five push-ups, help her add a piece, then do five more!  If you are playing outside with your boys, run to wherever you need to go next as fast as you can, or better yet, do lunges and side squats to get you there.  I love this!  I literally do it when I walk from my kitchen to my bedroom.  Ladies, its something!  It’s a very small opportunity to get those muscles engaged and that heart-rate up.  I promise you it will make you feel so much better after a long, hard day at the office!

The great thing about being an opportunistic exerciser, is that you don’t really have to commit.  You just do what you can, when you can.  Once you start to make this a habit, it won’t be long and you will feel so good and so motivated that you start to try find opportunities where you can fit in more exercises and for longer periods of time. 

This strategy may not be the answer to getting you ten kilograms lighter, but it may just be what you need to fire you up, make you feel energised and just get you to spend more time with your family instead of slumping on the couch at the end of each day.

Below is a list of simple bodyweight, ‘do-anywhere’ exercises that you can implement in your “opportunistic” moments.

Easy opportunistic exercises

Legs:  Lunges, squats, calf-raises, jumping jacks, run on the spot.

Arms:  Push-ups!!!

Abs:  Crunches, plank, mountain climbers

Heart rate boosters:  burpees and jumping jacks

And there you have it!  Stop stressing about what you can’t get done in a week, and just focus on what you can do now in the moment!  Reward yourself for every small opportunity that you take advantage of today!  If you would like to hear more from me on how I manage my weight, health and life, be sure to subscribe to my monthly newsletter!  Its full of great content and free resources that I know you will love!



  1. Delene Kemp says:

    What a wonderful idea and not only for Moms but for office workers and those who do long hours at work. I love it !

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