Six Things You Will Need to Start and Grow Your Online Business

Are you considering starting an online business but just don’t know where to start or what you need to be successful?  In this post we will be looking at the top six things that you will need to really get your online business off the ground fast and on the way to getting your products or services in front of the right audience.

One of the reasons you may be feeling some resistance to this whole online business concept is because you think that you will have to invest a lot of money into it to get it off the ground. This couldn’t be farther from the truth. As I have said before, all you really need is a smart phone and in internet connection!

Here are 6 things that will help you get started and there are free versions available for each:

1. Website

2. Facebook Page

3. Business Instagram Account

4. Business Pinterest Account

5. A Gmail Account

6. An Email CRM Platform (service provider to send broadcast emails and automatons)

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Before you invest your time in setting any of these up, make sure that you are clear about what it is you want to sell or what service you want to provide to your ideal customers. Also, make sure that you have a good idea of a business name, logo and brand scheme that you can use throughout all of these platforms.

If you are still unclear about your business idea and whether it will take off or flop, work through this free 7-STEP GUIDE to help you get absolutely clear on what it is you want.  Once you are certain about who your target audience is and what their struggles are, you are easily able to provide the solutions to the problem through your business design.

If you need support in your online business journey, why don’t you come and join my free Facebook Group Mommies Gone Wild where I do live mini training every week and where you can be supported by other moms who are on this journey too.


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