Five Reasons Why You Should Consider Starting an Online Business Today

I am sure that you have heard or seen loads of hype around starting a business online. I am also certain that your social media feeds and inboxes are continuously swarmed with pitches to get you on the online-business-train. Well, I must be honest, you should! And today!

If you are anything like me, you are longing to work shorter hours, have more time to spend with your kids and you are burning inside to get out of this body-sabotaging, stress-trench that you are in.

Let’s just get real for a second. We are all killing ourselves day in and day out, trying to get the bills paid and still make it to the next paycheck. We are constantly rushing around and burning ourselves out and doing everything for everyone else except ourselves. Sound familiar?

This is where I tell you why you absolutely must dip your toe in the online business world! Here are FIVE reasons why you might consider starting a business online.

1. You can have this business running while you still have a full-time job

One of the beauties of starting an online business is that you don’t have to invest huge amounts of money into it to get it off the ground. Most of what is needed to get the business running can be done with just your smart phone and an internet connection! You can also run this business after hours and still continue to commit to your 9-5. Your 9-5 job can help you stay financially stable as you grow and gain enough traction with your business to make it a full-time gig.

2. You can work on it when you want, and as much as you want

Some say that you don’t need to spend more than 90 minutes a day on your online business to really get it going and see some return. But, this is entirely up to you. What you put in is obviously what you will get out. If you are desperate to get a constant influx of revenue to keep your family afloat, you will need to work much harder on getting your brand and services recognized by the world. But, if you are in no rush, you could create the business as a hobby and just go with the flow. If and when it grows to the point that it needs your undivided attention, then you can invest more of your time into it. It all depends on your ultimate goals and your “why.”

3. You can work hard now, and generate passive income for years to come – even while you are sleeping!!

If you decide to start an online business that generates revenue from digital products, you will be able to create the products and leave them on the shelf of your website to be purchased by anyone at anytime. The only work that you may need to do after creation of the product, is marketing the product on social media or running ads to get your product in front of the right buyers.

4. You can make a huge impact in someone else’s life

You, my friend, have a wealth of knowledge and skills that you can tap into to improve someone else’s life. Even if you just know a fraction more than they do, they will pay you to show them the way. Yes, I am sure these potential clients could find the answers to their problems on YouTube or Google. But, this will take them hours to find and it won’t lay all the answers out for them in a step-by-step road map, and it won’t get them the results in the fastest possible time. Don’t doubt yourself here. If you have gone before someone else and made the mistakes that they don’t want to make, this positions you as an authority in that particular field.

In addition, by using online platforms you may be able to reach hundreds of people in the same time frame that you would use to deliver content or services for a one-on-one consulting business. Many entrepreneurs and consultants are moving in this direction because they can make more of an impact in less amount of time and with less resources.

A book with the heading streamline your online business idea.  The 7 step guide

5. You are able to stay up to date with the times.

Let’s face it, everything is moving online. Even pet groomers use online stores to book their furry clients in for a bath and blow dry. Whether you have physical products to sell, consulting clients to make happy or digital courses to market – online is where its got to be. You don’t want to wake up to this when its too late!

If you are thinking about getting started and you aren’t sure what your first step should be, download my FREE GUIDE to help you gain some clarity.


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