The Perfect Teacher Planner to Start the New School Year

Let’s face it! There’s no point starting out the new school year without your teacher planner ready to go! You know that day one will leave you completely overwhelmed and unorganized if you don’t have it.   A teacher planner is more than just brainstorming your lesson ideas; it’s a way of life! Every teacher knows that there are so many administrative tasks that are part of the job and your seemingly fantastic day can get real bad, real quick if there is a form or a parent’s contact number that you can’t find.

Life is crazy on its own, so having a reliable teacher planner to maintain your sanity is an absolute must. But, these days teacher planners are becoming a bit over the top and it takes your more time to put the thing together, than it does save you time – which is what you wan’t right? To save time and be organized!


I grew up with anxiety. When I started teaching, my anxiety went through the roof and I was diagnosed with Generalized Anxiety Disorder (GAD) and Major Depression. I was always overwhelmed and reached burnout very easily.

I knew something had to change if I was going to save my sanity. The best way that I have controlled my anxiety levels, is through planning. Since being diagnosed, I have never gone a year without a pre-made work diary.

Although this diary was working well for me, I knew I could be more organized and save more time if I had my own customized teacher planner. And so, I created one myself.

Now, I am absolutely obsessed with creating teacher planners for teachers who are feeling like I used to feel. But the planners I create are super simple so that they don’t turn into a massive block of cute, irrelevant information and forms.


My planner has to include more than just class forms and lesson planning. I need to have designated pages for student information and intervention. I like to have pages where I can jot down ideas for upcoming lessons, as well as be able to set goals for myself as a teacher and goals for how I am going to improve my students overall performance. This always keeps me motivated and on track, and by writing down these goals, I feel that I achieve them in less time and with less resistance.

For my planner to meet my needs it must be:

EDITABLE: I need a planner that I can edit on the fly. You know, as a teacher, things change – and ALL the time! So I need to have a planner saved to my computer documents that I can easily customize and print as I need.

PRETTY AND CUTE: Let’s face it! Every teacher wants to have cute and pretty things!! For me, if my planner is pretty and cute – I am more inclined to use it and it pumps me up to do great things!

ADAPTABLE: Having a planner that isn’t chunky with unnecessary information is a must for me! The beauty of this planner I created is that you can print the lesson planning sheets or the calendar months as you need them. You don’t need to print the entire year’s worth of sheets and carry that around with you!! And then as a month or a week passes, you can easily remove them and throw them away. In order to do this with the most ease, a The Happy Planner punch and The Happy Planner Mini Disks are essential – AND THEY MAKE YOUR PLANNER SUPER CUTE!!

AFFORDABLE TO CREATE: Most of the planners I see these days are really beautiful, but very expensive to print and put together – and let’s be honest, most of those pages you don’t need! So I prefer planners that have a touch of color and a touch of cute and I am good to go.


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